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Suszko (Sus-co) - A name derived from the Russian pirate Victor Suskavitch's company of brigands. They were involved in many naval battles which they were never on time for due too them taking numerous hours to make sure their pirate makeup was perfect. In one particular battle they all had idea's on how to defeat the enemy (zora / kobalt pirates ZK) but no one could decide what to do. The ZK pirates boarded them and took them all captive with no resistance. The Sus were held for 2 days before driving the other pirates madd from constant questions and mindless chatter. They majority of the ZK threw them selves overboard to escape insanity. The remaining Sus and ZK pirates soon got tired of pirating and started a mid evil cruise line calling the selves Sus-ZK travel company. On the maiden voyage they got lost at sea before arriving on a lush tropical island and started a new colony taking the name Suszko. Within months they killed every living plant on the island.

Suszko (1)- to rid a person of sanity unintentionally.

Suszko (2)- to take hours to accomplish task that would normaly take minutes.

Suszko (3) - to never be satisfied with ones current job.
(1) My baby's crying all night is going to Suszko me.

(2) What took you so long man? "I had to wait for my wife to get ready". Does she always Suszko it? "yep"

(3) " Im so susko'd with this job." Im gonna look for a new one.
by Brackish Clay September 07, 2011

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