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Bush jokes aside, in World of Warcraft, the state or quality of being Alliance in PvP battlegrounds. Often characterized by Stables camping, fail, inadequate control of the middle, fail, indifference to the suggestions of well-meaning group leaders, fail, indifference to the presence of enemy healers, fail, hard fail, epic fail, and so on.
Incompetence in Arathi Basin:
Leader: OK, all we need are ST, LM, and BS, got it?
N00blet: They've only got 7, let's go for perfection. (This match ended with a Horde 5-cap and one or two broken Alliance keyboards.)

Incompetence in Warsong Gulch:
Leader: Who's defending the flag room??
N00bs: *farmed at graveyard*
by BotheredAuthor January 29, 2009

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