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Poseur Boston Red Sox fans, who have been rooting for the team only since 2004 or 2007, but act like they've been lifelong die hards. Normally have no connection whatsoever to the city of Boston. Most are either female and/or college fraternity members. Faux Sox can be easily spotted by their pristine, unbent, perfectly clean Red Sox caps that they pretentiously wear. The male species normally have goattees (as do some of the females).
Fan 1: Did you hear that guy behind us? He just told his friend that they were supposed to stand up for the 6th inning stretch. What a douche.

Fan 2: (turns around; sees frat boy wearing a Red Sox cap) No wonder. He's a Faux Sox. He doesn't know shit about baseball.
by BostonRedSux October 13, 2009
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