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Noticable hairs that grow on the face of (hopefully) a male and give him a more masculin look. These hairs can be in the form of a beard, gotee, sideburns, mustache, or maybe just a little peach fuzz. Typically during the teen years (as they hit puberty and begin to grow it) they shave it off or keep it to a bare minimum of hair, so the girls their age can enjoy their youthful look and want to mate with them. Depending on the face shape, and color of the facial hair, a man can look good or bad with it. A female never looks good with facial hair.
1. Look! Jon forgot to shave off his facial hair today, you can see all the little tiny black hairs on his face!

2. Jade, I think you should wax above your lip, you've got so much facial hair there you're starting to grow a mustache.
by Bored Adolescent in Basement November 06, 2007
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