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High crime, low rent, generally run down city in east central Palm Beach County. Its noted for a high population of drug addicts, non-whites, released felons, sex offenders, pan handlers, prostitutes, and drug pushers. Commerce in Lake Worth consists of dealin' drugs, ho'ing, and graftin'. Lake Worth is in the 98th percentile of per capita run down auto parts stores within its city limits, compared with all US cities.

Lake Worth, n. - any old and run down place, that suffers from indigent population and usually has a high crime rate, esp. violent crime. v. - a) to make or cause an area to become run down and crime filled. b) to send or banish someone to a run down high crime area. Can also be used as an adjective or adverb.
This town has really got lake worth since the factory shut down.

Woman! You trying to lake worth my place with all your useless shit?

Shawnita's living west of town, since she dissed Jocko one to many times and he lake worthed her ass.
by Bordello Bob February 04, 2010
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