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Town in Washington County, Maryland, that no one knows, nor wants to know. Astonishingly undiverse and uncultured, the town consists of townies, rednecks, kids, seniors, and the random minority who got lost trying to find Montgomery County.

Seeing as there's nothing to do in this small town, most kids find themselves using drugs, drinking alcohol and spending large amounts of time in sister towns Frederick and Hagerstown where there is still nothing left to do but mingle with the locals at the Valley Mall.

If you are rich in Boonsboro, you are still poor in most other parts of Maryland.

Boonsboro High School is the school where most unfortunate students have to go. Here, students will recieve a poor education, witness numerous fights and be taught by old geriatrics who should have retired already. The high school consists of about 40% rednecks, 15% goths, 15% nerds, 25% potheads and 5% smart preppy kids who wished they grew up somewhere else.

If you go to Boonsboro High, you will be encouraged to spend your life milling around on the farm, or attending Hagerstown Community College. Even though it is the state school, most kids aren't even intelligent enough to get accepted to UMD, and most find themselves at Towson, Frostburg, JMU, or Salisbury. If you are one of the few who go to an out of state college, expect to be returning to MD soon.

Overall, Boonsboro is a fun place to live during high school until you graduate and realize that the world is so much better pretty much anywhere else.
BHS Kid: I'm from Boonsboro
Person not from Boonsboro: EW
by BoonsboroLuva August 4, 2005
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