2 definitions by BonerZam

1. A metrosexual male, who wears makeup and tight clothing in bright colors but does not crossdress and is not a drag queen.

2. A butch/tomboyish girl who dresses like a boy.

3. A fishbone/boi.

1."Check out that boygirl. I wonder if he'll lend me his guyliner."

2."That chick's a boygirl- you will never see her in a skirt, and forget heels..."

3."That boygirl is so fishbone that I need to hide my girlfriend whenever she passes by."
by BonerZam March 21, 2009
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1. A famous freshman of the class of '12 at the Bronx High School of Science, a school that was once revered for it's academics and is beginning to fall.

2. A teenage girl who dresses like a boy, sometimes referred to as "it" but more commonly "he." A fishbone follows in the footsteps of alternative male sex icons such as Gerard Way, Ronnie Radke, and Chuck Bass.

3. A verb for a girl stealing a boy's girlfriend.

4. A point in time when a girl may become a lipstick lesbian due to falling for a fishbone as defined (2).
See boi

"Yo, that boygirl is the next Fishbone."

"Check out that Fishbone over there- it totally stole my best friend's girl!"

"Honestly, you've just been Fishboned. End of story."

"Once you go Fishbone, you never go back."
by BonerZam March 21, 2009
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