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Someone who is easily blamed and is an easy target for an escape goat. He is usually the weakest member of the group. He tends to be loved and hated by all. Fails at playing Dota or WoW. He also has a favorite soda that he worships like no other, Dr Pepper, He is only known by one word, Meeman. If the Meeman dies or goes MIA, a new Meeman must take his place to keep the balance of the social group intact.
Me: Meeman, did you just wake up?
Meeman: *sluggishly opens eyes half-open"
Me: It's 5pm dude, you've been sleeping for 3/4ths of the day
Meeman: *strange grunting sounds followed by a mumbled of Dr Pepper....followed by a 3-hr shower after getting up
Me: Goddamit Meeman.
by Bobofosho November 11, 2011

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Fear of having an unknown person in your backseat (Doesn't matter where you are sitting, the person could be in the trunk for all you know)

Fear of a Killer in the backseat.
Larry: Have you seen the way Rob has been driving lately?
You: Yeah how he just heard about the story of the killer in the backseat.
Larry : Sounds to me like he has a case of extraserophobia
You: Poor guy, hes always checking in the backseat while driving hahaha
by Bobofosho January 13, 2012

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