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a close (if not uglier) cousin to the infamous blocker, but this term takes on a more female flavour.

a typical activity that best defines the Motherhen is analysing text messages you send to your object of affection...scours over every little detail to poke holes through your game. sometimes the male is unaware he is actually texting to an entire panel of judges, picking away at every trivial detail to make him look like a stalker.

the motherhen is therefore quick to label a potential suitor a stalker, even if his intentions are romantic and pure. this in turn sways the pursued lady to side with her 'all-knowing' friend(s); a kind of sisterhood code that is given priority.

one weapon to combat this affliction is to subtely drop compliments to the Motherhen. the Motherhen will think your nice, and this verdict will help ease your way onto the path of securing your lady. be careful, there is a tendency for this to backfire. this tactic is known as 'swooning without pooning'.

alternatively, you may need an experienced Wingman to talk positively about you in the third-person. the Wingman must employ his tactics without raising the suspicions that he is overtly being a Wingman. this is known as the 'Wingman Dilemma'.

Ultimately, the best course of action is prevention rather than treatment. try not to get offside with any of her friends in the early stages of swooning.

Yet if all else fails, put a bullet on the Motherhen's letterbox.
Suitor to Pursued Lady via SMS: "Hey, I would really love to meet up with you this weekend. Had a great time with you on our date! Hope all's well."

Motherhen reading the SMS: "What a fucking stalker, my god he used love in the sentence. must be really desperate. seriously, avoid this guy."

Suitor lying in bed at night: "Wow i must be a terrible person."
by Bobby Veee February 05, 2010

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