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A Nazbo school located, in my opinion, the best location in the United States. It overlooks the ocean from one side and the city of San Diego from the other. It's know for having a prestige nursing program, the best in Southern California, the NATIONAL CHAMPS debate team!, the 8th best place to have sex in Califonia, and one of the greenest schools in the nation. The kids at Point Loma are not super chill and down to earth. They aren't snooty and rich like most SoCal private schools. They are surfer, hippy, geniuses. Point Loma is where you'll meet some of SoCal's finest people. Point Loma's girl to boy ratio is great for boys...but super sucky for girls. It is estimated 3 out of 5 girls at this school have some sort of eating disorder (verses the average college having 1 out of 5 girls with an eating disorder). The school has pretty sunsets and great surf. Lot's of kids come to this school for the surf. The school has a capped enrollment at 2,500 and an average high school unweighed GPA of a 3.8, which is predicted to rise as the Cal's state schools suffer. The tuition is surprisingly cheaper than most private schools however students are fined for everything from, possession of alcohol to missing chapel....so in the long run the school brings in it's money.
"What's the gnarliest school in SoCal"
"o man that school is rad"
"and fuckin random as hell"

"well at least they have hot chick"
by Bobby Brower December 22, 2009
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