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A city with a population of 10,000 in central Wisconsin, Merrill is analogous to Meth Capital of the World. People who produce and deal Meth in Merrill are known to get off with no jail time. There are many people in Merrill who walk around with no faces because they have been burned off from using Meth. That's why Merrill is a good place for people who are running from the law or under the Government witness protection program to move to. They can do Meth, lose their identity and never be caught!
Hey, I'm from Merrill!

Holy shitballs! I robbed a bank and I am on the run from the law. I think I will move to Merrill where Meth is in abundance and lose my face.
by Bluejaynow August 04, 2008

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1) A big, good, strong Greek surname.
2) Strong, Muscular
1) Wow you got the Spallas going on!
2) You are so Spallas!
by Bluejaynow August 04, 2008

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