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Durham Region town. Population 112 000. Home of seriously legit people. Low crime area. Has the 4 corners (downtown), 3 nightclubs, a new library. Has a harbour/beach. Home of Anderson, Father Leo J Austin and All Saint's high school.
Notable People-
Kevin Duhaney, rapper and actor, well known for his role as Young Thurgood in Half Baked
Jim Flaherty, member of the Canadian House of Commons and Minister of Finance
Adam Foote, NHL player for Colorado Avalanche, Stanley Cup winner, Olympic Gold Medalist, former member of Team Canada
Hello Beautiful, band
Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, bronze medalist in the hurdles at the 2008 Olympics
Andrew Martin, Former WWE wrestler, best known by his ring name, Test.
Leslie McFarlane, writer of the Hardy Boys novels.
Andrea Muizelaar, winner of Canada's Next Top Model
James Neal, NHL player for Dallas Stars
Joe Nieuwendyk, former NHL hockey player, Stanley Cup winner, Olympic Gold Medalist and former member of Team Canada
Wayne Primeau, hockey player for Toronto Maple Leafs
Protest The Hero, progressive metalcore band
Paul Ranger, NHL player for Tampa Bay Lightning
Liam Reddox, NHL player for Edmonton Oilers
Gary Roberts, former NHL player
O. J. Santiago, NFL football player
J. Torres, comic book writer
k-os, Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer
A.J. Cook, actress. In Criminal Minds and Final Destination 2.
Sister cities-
Feldkirch, Vorarlberg.
Longueuil, Quebec.
Whitby, England.
Whitby's Motto- Durham's Business Centre

Person 1- "Ey, I totally know k-os!"
Person 2- "No you don't, dude."

GTA's finest town, Whitby.
by Blue.Eyed.Beast December 18, 2010

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