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Leader of the Island Nations, Leb is a very cunning and striking personality. His presence is usually shrouded in mystery, and inquiring minds want to know if he is what they say, a "hawt guy". If he catches you ending your sentences without the exclusive "Arrrr!" he will unhinge his wooden peg leg and beat you with it. May or may not be related to Lezard Valeth, or that guy's best friend (whom he resembles quite a bit.
"We've had several of these topics already."

"Sorry, but we try to keep the racial/ethnic/national divides to a minimum here."

"You guys seem to misunderstand the point of the topic."

"Anyway, there's plenty of talk about the subject elsewhere."

-The result of Leb fulfilling his duty to online society.

"Ahahaha, you may call me... SON OF SNOWE!"
by Blue Lady May 21, 2006
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