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Originated in Canada, the Canadian Jamjob is a form of non penetrative sex involving manual stimulation of the penis with the hand. Unlike a handjob, the Jamjob involves the use of a fruit preserve (i.e. Jam) to act as a lubricant for both the recipients pleasure, and that of the giver if they so wish to engage in fellatio later on.

It is rumoured that jam was originally used by women during sex to simulate blood during role play whilst pretending to loose their virginity.
Guy 1: "So what happened in Amsterdam?"

Guy 2: "Nothing much man, I hooked up with a Canadian chick and she beat me off with jam"

Guy 2: "Man thats dope, what the fuck, she gave you a Canadian Jamjob ? ahahahaha"
by Blo7T May 06, 2012

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