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The rap on (MTV) is truly PISS (and I have the same opinion about almost everything on MTV, so I'm not being '(racist)'. I am a '(hater)' but that's because I hate (mainstream) bullshit of every kind).
(50 Cent) - how the fuck did this bland loser get so popular. G-Unit my ass.

BUT, I know a few real, underground rappers, and these guys I DO respect a lot. They do it for the love, and it's genuine expression. It's *almost* poetry (no it ain't like conventional poetry at all people - rap doesn't translate well on paper, but neither do any music lyrics).

50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, etc are all shit
So's everything on MTV
But there's good rap out there, you just have to look deeper for it.
by Bliss Me Up March 25, 2006

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