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A guy/gal in Roblox that wears dark brand clothing, stitch face, usually with black skin, bypasses the chat filter every nanosecond; says "mic up", "i'm gonna violate you", "add on cxord", "gang" etc.
These braindead people started appearing a long time ago , but in 2020 the disease spread on the biggest amount of people, and they still grow with a speed of light. The lifespan of their accounts is usually ephemeral, as they're getting banned for N Word bypass very often.
The places you can encounter dozens of them are Dollhouse Roleplay, The Streets, Boombox places and their home, Da Hood, but you can still find one in almost every game.
me: "bruh ro-gangster"
ro-gangster: "pvuxsy say that in a vc, mic up i'm gonna violate you bvtvch"
by BlastingStone April 12, 2021

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