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Lenalee Lee is a fictional character in the animated series D. Gray-man. She is normally depicted as a small-built, young female, with long, dark-green hair, and purple eyes.

She is sixteen years old in the series, and is an Exorcist of the fictional organisation, the Black Order. She appears to be close friends with fellow Exorcists: Allen Walker, Lavi (Bookman Jr.) and Kanda Yu. She has an older brother named Komui Lee who also works at the Black Order.

Her personality can be depicted as kind and friendly towards her comrades and other people, although she shows a certain dislike and fear when it comes to people from Central Agency.

Her weapon of Innocence is named the "Dark Boots", and allows her to fight Akuma among other abilities as well, such as jumping to high altitutes, remaining suspended in the air/water surace, and allowing her to travel at excessive speeds.
Lenalee Lee is an Exorcist of the Black Order.

Lenalee Lee is a kind person.

Many people seem to like Lenalee Lee.

Some people dislike Lenalee Lee.
by Black Order: Files Keeper June 11, 2012
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A character in the fictional, animated series D.Gray-Man. He is normally depicted as having long blue/black hair usually tied into a ponytail. He is 18 years old, of Japanese origin, and is an Exorcist at an organisation called the Black Order.

He is shown to be close to the Exorcists: Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee and Lavi (Bookman Jr.). Though Kanda does not seem to like Allen Walker as much, hence why he is often rude to him. However, Kanda is normally rude to everyone he meets, although showing some degree of respect when it comes to addressing his superiors.

Kanda has a weapon in the form of a sword, and it often changes it's type throughout the series. He appears to be skilled with the weapon, exorcising Akuma with ease.
I don't think anyone could be as rude as Kanda Yu.

Kanda Yu is has long hair.

Kanda Yu has a katana.

Some people dislike Kanda Yu.

Kanda Yu sets an example of good swordsmanship.

Kanda Yu is normally cold to other Exorcists.
by Black Order: Files Keeper June 06, 2012
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