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Snade is pretty hard to define..

Snade is like BBQ sauce from Burger king... But it cant be ketchup.. Because ketchup is not snadebel.. Its not thick enuff, it dont got the spirit of snade..

If you really want the answer on what snade is, ask Søren Rye the danish garden-guy allways smoking on his pibe and doing snadestuff..

The term, snade, was invented by søren Rye, Poppey the sailer and the danish/french Prince Henrik. The where eating together and said to the chef... This is some really good snade...
I want 6 Nuggets and some snade, thank you.

OMG that snail is snading fast !

Can you pass me the snade plz..

But the real deal is... Can i have some snade for satan din flapøre !
by Bjarke G June 09, 2007

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