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A total embodiment of hell (the tenth circle of hell to be precise). usually taken by genius/ retarded sophomores. the average class initially starts with 20-30 but by day two will be down to 10 retards that are devoted to the class. the tests a purposefully meant to fuck with you and the writer of these tests ( pseudo PAM) is going to be shot by one of these students and will burn in HELL! the average student gets a C- and gets about two hours of sleep . the students lose twenty pounds in weight five inches in height and their personalities and sense of humor.

WARNING: AP Euro will change you into a bitter and cynical child, you receive at least ten hours of work daily.DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS
A)Fuck you Mr.(----) im not doing that much AP Euro work
B)than you FAIL! MUHHAHAHAH!!!!!
A) Damn IT
by Bitter and Cynical February 17, 2011
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