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An English MMA fighter who currently fights in the UFC. He is an arrogant cocky asshole who talks like he has a 12 inch cock in his mouth and fights like he has one in his ass. After talking much shit to a highly respectable Dan Henderson on the TUF show, Bisping got KTFO by Dan in the finale. Bisping can be summed up in 3 words. Pussy.Bitch.Faggot
Michael Bisping talks so funny because he always has a ginormous Pringles can sized cock spraying buckets full of jizz in his mouth at all times.

Dan Henderson hit Bisping so hard he did the unthinkable. He knocked the cock out of Bispings mouth. This was previously deemed impossible because Michael sucks dick so hard no one thought it was possible to remove the cock from his mouth.

Michael Bisping is a Cum guzzling pussy bitch that couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Michael Bisping cuts weight by sucking so many cocks so hard that he actually burns 2000 calories per hour.

It is amazing that Michael Bisping has the energy to work out on a semen only diet. But he does ingest about 50,000 calories of jizz daily.

Michael Bisping likes to eat his trainging partners sweaty assholes after practice.
by Bisping is a bitch December 02, 2011

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