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A movement created by instagram star @juicybignut & @vrutha to free Joseph "Nigga Twerk" Hawkins. juciybignut and vrutha figured out that Nigga Twerk shook his ass in morse code to spell out "I have info that will impeach the president".

It's stated that Nigga Twerk was arrested mid 2018 and framed for armed robbery, receiving 10 years in prison.

The walkout for "Free Nigga Twerk" is on January 10th 2020, mark your calendars, his ass to fat to be in prison!
Guy1: You heard about Free Nigga Twerk?
Guy2: Yea #freeniggatwerk til it's backwards!
by BigWillly December 10, 2019

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What people think Lil Yachty says in his songs when he really says Lil Boat.
Person 1: In Lil Yachty's new song he says 'Lipo' so much!
Person 2: Huh?
by BigWillly January 01, 2017

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Describes a fat person
You're a globberfit
by BigWillly January 01, 2017

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When you cum and piss at the same time
Person 1: I'm cumpissing yoooooooooooo
by BigWillly March 04, 2019

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