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Rice-ism, by its simplest definition, is the belief that a ricer is on the same level as someone who put in the wrench time and money to build an actual performance car. Car tuners and performance builders are offended by the site of the wanna-be ricer. Riceism discrimination typically points out cars and the people (Ricers) who turned the car into an unpleasant site at car meets. Even though anybody can be ricer, A true ricer will have a car with too many decals, stickers, huge wings that are not functional and that make a Honda look more like a shopping cart from Wal-Mart. Riceism is not a form of tuner life, but a problem that should be corrected. You can always de-rice the car but you can NEVER take the ricer out of the person who installed all of that stuff on their car. They will just buy another car and rice it out to.
Look at all of the Rice-ism at the HIN meet. No wonder they have cancelled next year's event.
by BigWallyz August 12, 2008
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