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An Ewok is a Wookie follower. Often an Ewok is a Wookie who does not fit the criteria of being extremely ugly or overweight. These two relative species do however do share poor taste, hygeine and a lack of intelligence. Distant relatives to the Hutt family.
Keith: "That Wookie is bothering me."
Phil: "It's not the Wookies that get to me, it's the damn Ewoks."

Paul: "There is this one bitch in my class that is a real Ewok."
by Big Man Philly December 03, 2008
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A person who is repulsively ugly, are overweight, have little to no capacity for intelligence, have poor hygeine, and cure their vision problems through digusting looking glasses. Wookies often have poor taste in nearly everything, from clothing, art, cuisine, to even automobiles and wine. Wookies like to pretend they are intelligent by being the first to speak in social and academic settings, and often their minions, Ewoks, shake thier heads in amazed agreement, as if Jesus Christ himself was speaking. Wookies often travel in packs and are close relatives to Hutts. Wookies can be observed in their natural habitat in public eating areas such as cafeterias, restaurants, or sneaking slop from the pig trough at the State Fair.
Keith: "Hey Paul, it's that fuckin ugly bitch we hate!"
Paul: "Wookie!"

Phil: "This fucking wookie's ass is taking my up seat!"
by Big Man Philly December 03, 2008
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