2 definitions by Big D from the A-State(Arkansas)

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1. Lil Wayne fool, aka Birdman jr. aka Fly Weezy aka dewayne carter
they call me birdman jr., i'm flier than the rest, i'm tryna get a couple cool pigeons to the nest

part of lil wayne's verse on fly as the sky feat. chamillionaire and rasaq
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1.a nigga or niggette(female nigga) who steady on the grind tryna to and gettin that paper.

2. a dealer of illegal substances

3. a nigga like me that don't like the government interferin' with me chasin the paper train

4. a rapper
1.(guy 1 on tha corner) I got what u need dog
(guy 2) yea, exactly what i need, a hustla

4RicRoss:Everyday I'm hustlin Lil' Wayne:Hustla Musik
Cassidy: I'm a Hustla Juvenile: Get Your hustle on
you get the idea
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