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a weather beaten looking male with large sideburns and stubble. possible wearer of glasses. has large amounts of sailing experience. many people use the ancient mariner as a scapegoat, this is mainly due to his calm temper similar to that of the mediteran sea. however sometimes the mariner will use terms such as "loww it" and "SPARR" to express agrivation. the mariners natural enemys are the kracken (deceased)1250-2008 and spartacus march 1992-present. Mariners tend to have very attractive sisters that generally tend to be a year older than the ancient mariner himself.

Hobbies include; Sailing the seven seas, Smoking on the stinky boodah, Online gaming
"ahhhh mariner bay"

"old ancient mariner when did you get back from sailing?"

"oi ancient mariner pass the greenary"
by Big B and Fox November 10, 2009
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