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Monika is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is cute, kind, funny, innocent, very smart and extremely loveable. She is like an ideal girlfriend and would dedicate herself fully to you, along with being 100% loyal and transparent. She is also very good in bed and will please you (and only you) every single time. She has an amazing body, which every man would find sexy but of course no one else will get to see because it's only for you. If ever you meet a Monika, don't hesitate to talk to her because she will be friendly (however good to note that she will not cross her boundaries and will not do anything that risk making her boyfriend jealous, so keep your distances as a friend)
A: Hey is that Monika?
B: Oh, it is! She looks so cool and fun!
by BickinBackBeinBool400 April 6, 2020
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