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love is many things
love can be an emotional feeling meant for someone you care about a hell of a lot, somebody you care about a hell of a lot and feel personally attracted to

it also is a common word used on the end of sentences ..for example "how many sugars do you have in your tea love?"

put after i love you
that usually means if its a guy
he wants to get you into bed
but luckily not all guys are like that
and they actually mean it

if a girl says it
it either scares whoever she loves off
or the assume she wants to have sex with them
or they say i love you too
which is the best response whatever case

love can fuck people up
if you love somebody who doesnt love you back
sit down and drink your cup of "depresso" expresso

it hurts
love does hurt

love conquers all

yeah it does
when your in love
your mind is messed up
you see things through rose tinted glasses
its sure is nice to love and be loved back
but nowadays thats not the case

why is it so hard to fall in love
and so easy to fall out of it

thats because the thing you see as love is actually infatuation or lust

be careful saying it okay

and use a condom

guy : baby i love you
girl : really we've only been dating 2 hours
guy: i know but i know i love you i always will
girl : awh babe i love you too
guy: want to have sex?
girl: Okay seen as though were in love

Girl: Baby i love you
guy: really im fucking two other girls

Guy: i love you
girl: no you love the idea of getting in my pants
by BibleBasher-Lmao Not Really July 12, 2008
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