9 definitions by Bexxx

n. - Slang for a fetishists dildo. Feces from either the man or woman, is frozen to a solid state, then used as a penetrating device to achieve sexual pleasure.

v. - The act of using a frozen turd to penetrate the anus of a man or woman.
- This Ethiopian Can Opener in my ass sure feels good!
by Bexxx May 01, 2004
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n. - The act of ejaculating into an ice cube tray and letting the semen freeze thoroughly, then using the ejaculate ice cubes in an unsuspecting guests drink.
man #1 - Let's pull an icey mike on Joe! He's coming over in 3 hours!

man #2 - Ok, I'll cum in the ice cube tray, you check to see if my ethiopian can opener is ready!
by Bexxx June 02, 2004
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