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Usually called Crazy and Free spirited. Bethanas are ridiculously good looking! When a Bethana walks into a room, every one notices. People are drawn to Bethana's carefree spirit and tend to envy Bethana. Bethana is an amazing kisser and the best lover a partner can pssibly have. Bethanas are passionate and "deep". Bethanas look for the deeper meanings in life. They are loyal friends but vengeful enemies. Once you meet a Bethana ~ you become instantly addicted to them and have to be around them as much as possible. Drugs and alcohol tend to intensify Bethana's crazy ways! Do not give them vodka and red bull unless you are prepared for a wild ride!! Because Bethana's are so desirable and hard to please ~ they tend to be heart beakers. Their nickname is usually Bethanimal ~ Yes a Bethana is that wild. Beware!
I can't take my eyes off of that Bethana!
by Bethanimal February 02, 2010
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