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A person who fucks kangaroos or someone who seeks out sexual pleasures with animals and will settle for small furry creatures if a kanagaroo is not accessible
My roommate likes to go to the zoo because he is a closet roofucker and masturbates while watching the kangaroo exhibit.
by Bert Berner September 23, 2003

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To party at a level that will at some point include drinking, dancing, and partaking in other goingz onz to the point you are unable to interact or communicate at a level above that equivelant of a infant baby.
We mobbed up to the city, took a bottle of jack to the face, popped a rollo and BAM...next thing I knew it...I was rollinballz with no clue what the goingz onz was. MORE!
by Bert Berner November 20, 2003

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