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The term or phrase normally used when you need to rid something of existence on the earth.
"Lucas is being an ass, we must give him the eradication"

"The dinosaurs got the eradication by the meteors back in the day."

"My food tastes like shit, I have to eradicate it."
by Bernie Russell June 04, 2016

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A word used to refer to someone you know who illegally obtains weed or alcohol. It's a substitute word for "plug" when talking about where to get weed or alcohol.
Tim - "Yo lucas do we any Hennessy left? We need it for that party on Friday."

Lucas - "nah bro I drank it all, it's all good tho we'll just hit up cawndawg for some more henny."
by Bernie Russell January 10, 2017

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The term or phrase that people say when they're in a large amount of trouble. The people that are in the can on a regular basis are probably the biggest scum bags you know. Also if your friends are always in the can, than there's a good chance you'll get dragged in every once in a while.
"Lucas got caught throwing a rock through someone's window, now hes in the can."

"Timmy hasn't answered his phone in a while. I think he's in the can."
by Bernie Russell May 30, 2016

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