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This maneuver is performed the morning after a sexual encounter, when one partner would like the other to leave, never to return. While he or she is asleep, the other stands up and urinates upon his or her head.
1. Ashamed of his one night stand in north Texas, Will did the only thing he could do: stood up and showed her how beautiful an Amarillo Sunrise could be.
by bennyb August 11, 2006
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One obtaining a nosh off or blow job from someone in otherwise shady conditions such as on the back seat of a bus or in the boardroom of a fully manned office. Seedy goobles are both risky and dangerous but this only adds to the fun of getting a seedy gobble.
Hey Barron, I was at my old nans on Tuesday redecorating her bedroom. While she was in the next room her best friend pulled my pants down and gave me a seedy gooble

I was on the number 19 on the way home the other day and the missus unzipped my flies and gave me a seedy gobble on the bus!

I once worked in a bar and a well known comedian came in for a few drinks. I ended up giving him a seedy gobble in my car.
by BennyB January 16, 2013
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