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Perfect doesn't just simply describe anything or anyone, but perfect describes Jasmine very well. Jasmine is the definition of perfect, she's easily the hottest, cutest, smartest, sweetest girl you'll ever know. You'll fall for her in seconds, in literal seconds. She's the most beautiful girl to ever exist, and anybody saying otherwise are beyond wrong. You're literally the luckiest person in existence if you have Jasmine. Jasmine makes you so happy and makes you smile no matter what mood you are in. Jasmine makes your heart so warm and you'll get butterflies everytime you talk to her. Like you'll never ever find anyone like Jasmine, she's just the most fucking perfect girl ever like EVER, Jasmine is just so talented, beautiful, sweet, nice, hot, amazing, caring, Jasmine is just the absolute dream girl, like everything is just fucking perfect about her, everyone loves everything about her, there are no negatives LIKE THERE ARE NONE. No wonder everyone is jealous when you have Jasmine... Jasmine isn't easy to get, but when you have her you're the luckiest person in human history
by BenjiEcksDee October 23, 2019
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You can't just call any girl a dream girl, but dream girl really fits Jasmine. Jasmine is legit the definition of a dream girl, she's beyond perfect, hot, cute, smart, sweet, funny, caring, loving, its very very very very very VERY easy to fall in love with Jasmine, and when she loves you too you're the luckiest person in the world. Jasmine is the absolute best gf/wife you can ever have, and if you have her DONT EVER LOSE HER LIKE NEVER. Jasmine makes you smile every second of the day and makes you happy, if you have Jasmine in your life you know what I'm talking about. Jasmine makes you the happiest person in existence, whenever you talk to her you'll get butterflies. You'll fall in love with her the first day you meet her. Her personality is the absolute best, she's so talented and she is very very very beautiful. Like there's no other girl that is so so so so so so so so so SOOOOOOO beautiful like Jasmine is just beyond beautiful. And everything about her just makes you think everyday how fucking lucky you are to have such an amazing girl next to you. Jasmine is just so breathtaking, no other girl is like Jasmine. Jasmine is the definition of perfect, cute, beautiful, dream girl, and many more. I can't really describe this in one post or else it'll be toooooooo long. But Jasmine is just the most perfect girl in existence no cap. She's everything you want in a girl. <3
Jasmine is the most perfect girl in existence, she's a dream girl.
by BenjiEcksDee October 24, 2019
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Jasmine is the cutest girl in existence if you say otherwise you're wrong.
by BenjiEcksDee October 21, 2019
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