1 definition by Benjamin_True

1. To gluttonously steal or take more than one's fair share.
2. To absorb someone else's property as your own not only without consent, but without hesitation.

Heach, Heached, or Heaching meas to acquire or takeover space or property that doesn't belong to the taker. Someone can be slovenly heaching into the right lane from the next, using both of them. At breakfast a gluttonous individual can heach all the orange juice, leaving none for someone else. Someone who takes all of the stickers for a promotion might be heaching them all. When you eat all the chocolate ice cream in the Neapolitan Ice Cream box, you have heached all the good stuff.
1. His ass so big, it's heaching over to the other seat.
2. She heached all the good stuff without asking anybody.
by Benjamin_True September 24, 2017
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