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1. v To review a wine using an image.
2. n The act of reviewing a wine using an image.
3. n Chateau Petrogasm, the imaginary/virtual location where this type of wine-reviewing takes place: www.chateaupetrogasm.com. The owners of this Chateau are Benjamin Saltzman and Andrew Stuart.

Etymology: Derived from the names of world's finest food and wine, "Petrossian" the ultimate producer of caviar and "Petrus" the extremely expensive wine from Pomerol in Bordeaux, France. The stem is then combined with "orgasm" from the French "orgasme," from Greek "orgasmos" "excitement, swelling," from "organ" "be in heat, become ripe for," literally "to swell, be excited," related to orge "impulse, excitement, anger" (www.etymonline.com).
"I am going to taste this 1999 Meo Camuzet Clos Vougeot and then petrogasm."
"Let's have a petrogasm after dinner."
"If you are free, please join me tonight at Chateau Petrogasm."
by Benjamin Saltzman August 20, 2007

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