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a plophead is someone who has a head made of poop and/or eats their own poop. townies are usually plopheads.
look at those townies over there. there the scum of the universe. i know there such plopheads
by Ben Todd May 12, 2004

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1)when a mans ball sac is very itchy and it will not go away and if you scratch it you are in danger of tearing it. e.g. OUCH!!! rubbing it does not also work, don't know why it just don't.

2) Matthew
1) man i've got one anoyin itchy srotum, get me some cream!

2) matthew is such an itchy scrotum
by Ben Todd May 13, 2004

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stands for Townie ass fucker:

1)someone who fucks townies up the ass
2)someone who does not want to be a townie but does either because they are afraid of being beaten up by townies or because their friends are townies, also look for the word pussy
why are you a townie when you wanna be a grunger?
cos i don't wanna get beaten up.
Well then your a fuckin TAF
by Ben Todd May 13, 2004

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