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Chi Alpha Tau is a local sorority with sisters that have your back any time of the day. They are a classy, down to earth group of young women that value academics and service. They love to volunteer their time for their philanthropies, The American Cancer Society and Mom's House of Lancaster. They also volunteer at dances for people with disabilities. True sisterhood is being a XAT girl. The bonds you develop in XAT is like no other sorority, it is true bond where friendship and love is developed. A bond so deep only a sister can understand.

They are bound by the motto: "Lasting Friendship and Service to others."

From the outside looking in you can never understand being a XAT girl, from the inside looking out you can never explain it.

Having friends and having sisters is two different things. When you get into a fight with a friend and you need their help they might not be there, when you get into a fight with your sister, it doesn't matter if its dead at night, they will drop anything for you.
Girl 1: Hey, who are those girls over there?

Girl 2: They are from Chi Alpha Tau, or XAT(pronounced CAT) girls.

Girl 1: Oh, a sorority? Ew doesn't that mean they are snobby?

Girl 2: No, these girls are different, they are real down to earth and accepting of others.

Girl 1: Hm maybe I'd like to meet them, I wouldn't mind being in a sorority like that.

Girl 2: Hey maybe we can check them out together!
by BelieveInLove February 07, 2010
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