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Breakcore was started by a bunch of weirdos obsessed with IDM and chaoticly structured beat noise. most blend the bounce of Jungle or Drum and Bass, Gabber and Powernoise mayham together.
Some producers rely on special EFX, for others it is there programming Geekness that prevails. It has become a highly technical programming genre that does NOT go against musical theory but shows that jumping to and from differnt time signatures is ridiculusly possible with a Midi or computer Sequencer. the human body cannot accelerate nor stop at the ratio of these extreme rates without damaging tissue. Many Non DJ's call this style Drill and Bass but that style is danceable, TOO head Nodable and friendly.
Venetian Snares, Baseck, Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Enduser, Minon
by Beken One the Mage April 13, 2005
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