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n. Created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park, it is used by the aliens of the planet Marglar in replacement of nouns. They refer to everything as "marglar". They are still able to understand eachother with the peculiar terminology.

The Christian population on Earth is attempting to raise money to build a rocket ship and fly to planet Marglar so they can convert them.
Alien- "Hey marglar, im going to take my marglar and stick it up your marglar."


"How about we run down to the marglar and pick up some marglar for marglar."
by Beef McDuff April 05, 2006
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The love between two, and sometimes three, obeise people. Usually the relationship is based soley upon ability to consume large amounts of food, and not move for extended periods of time.

Fat + Love = Flove
"Bret and Jess are such a great couple."

"Yea, but its only flove."
by Beef McDuff April 24, 2006
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