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A band from Denver, Colorado that is alternative and breath taking. They had nothing going for them and then shot up the chart with a song that everyone can relate too, over my head, cable car seriously if you can't then you don't know what the word love means. Seriously that defines all young, teen love, and old love. when your in love you head over heels, and nothing could change that, and also I would like to add some of their other songs are fantastic to like how to save a life, she is, look after you, heaven forbid seriously listen to there lyrics they can touch you, and if you all say "nay" to me saying that over my heas, cable car is wrong you've got issues. This is coming from a girl that went to a free concert and only knew to songs. take my advice their good alternative band, give them a chance and then if you want to down this then do so...but atleast give them a chance.
the fray - how to save a life
the fray - heaven forbid
the fray- over my head (cable car)
by Becky [[Andersen]] September 21, 2006

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