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In a movie called American pie a guy is trying to get a date for the prom after jizzing his pants live on the internet and blows having sex. He tries to hook up with a girl. He does and they go to the prom together, but she plays the flute. She goes to band camp and always has stories and is always like and one time at band camp, and again and one time at band camp. She is pretty stupid to and it gets so repetitive so when someone says something over and over again or a lot of times or something stupid or they stutter a lot people say and one time at band camp to refer to this movie. The most famous one she says is and one time at band camp I stuck my flute up my pussy. She said band camp was like sex ed. Now you guy know what this means all people over 40 ave seen this movie its all about sex. That is what and one time at band camp means thank you for reading.
So me and my friends walked into this room and we walked into the room and then we were in the room and in the room we..... and then the room...... and the room is......

-and one time at band camp
by Beastlynoob57 November 20, 2013
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