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Preps do not wear abercrombie, hollister, or american eagle. We shop at Polo, JCrew, Lacoste, Nordstrom, Lord&Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Burberry, etc. We wear nantucket reds, CK Bradley, Lilly Pulitzer, etc. We wear blazers, loafers without socks, khakis and cordorouys, etc. We are fairly exclusive and tend to spend a lot of our parents money. I, for one, would rather be sailing or sipping a rum runner at the club than wasting my time fixing this definition, but it's necessary. We play tennis, lacrosse, polo, fence, sail, ride, etc. We enjoy the finer things of life, and do so quite often.
Blaine is a prep who summers in Nantucket.
Taylor is a cute blond from Belle Haven, CT who hooks up with her good-looking prep friends.
by Bearer of the truth February 16, 2005
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