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First of all as a Unionville girl I must say there are the few who have 40,000 dollar cars and wear unbelievably revealing clothing. However most of the Unionville girls are extremely smart scoring over 1200's on there SATs, the old SAT the new one doesn't count yet. Guaranteed there really is no bad looking Unionville girl but they are not all risqué in there clothing choices that is really only a small amount. Further more my name is Barbie and I definitely don’t have a car, or awesome Abercrombie clothes, and I don't flaunt my body at all.. All I have to say is if you’re going to be putting a name in your definition make your you use a name of some one who is not in your school who is defiantly the anomaly of your definition in the first place.
The avarage sat score of the school is a 1490 and we have more girls that boys.
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