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Libs is plural for lib. A lib is somebody who has in the past voted for Kerry Obama or Gore ect. A libs are often spotted in Oregon hugging trees. Libs often like to wait for the government to give them free hand outs. The way this happens is they tax the rich and just simply give the money to the poor. So in other words you support socialism by being a lib. Libs are dangerous people and need to be avoided. If a liberal tries to feed you their liberal propaganda just say no thanks and run away. They like to try and fix the world with 50 dollars. For example Save Darfur with 50 dollars...doenst work. this is another reason why they need to be avoided. The stupidity rubs off on you among other things including the rotten stench of the ones that dont shower. These people are very dangerous and please stay away form them.
Marcus: Hey Lib Why dont you support the armed forces?

Lindsey: Because im a lib i support abortion, the killing of innocent babys. Not terrorist's what did the terrorists ever do to you?

Marcus: fucking libs! its to bad you dont get steralized
by Barack Hussein NObama November 04, 2008
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