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Morgantown WESSSSST VIRGINIA...home of the famous Mountaineers. Number FOUR party school in the nation. We pregame harder than you party. Where most schools only party on weekends, WVU students can find a party any night of the week! Students stumble to downtown bars or house parties to finish their drinking for the night after pregaming in the dorm with their RA and eventually blacking out. Students' at WVU motto: "I don't remember but i know i had fun!!!" For anyone who is too hungover to start drinking at 1:00pm the next day...students can find 5 people on their floor that deals pot who can help cure their pain. So after being cured, dont be surprised to be let out of class early so professors and fellow students can attend happy hour. Don't be alarmed if you see one of your professors at the porn shop next to shooters or buying you a shot at lazy lizard. GET A GOOD PHONE because students at WVU know the bar specials better than their friends numbers AND you WILL go thru 5 phones first sem...(hint: dont drop your in the cup while playing beer pong (Bianca), flush it dont the toilet (Abi), or drop it in the snow while stumbling back from the bar (Katie). If you really want to experience the best 7 years of your life...come join us at WVU....apply today for your opportunity at greatness!!!!

ps...we love beer, liquor and pot....and we dare you to visit...most cant keep up!!!!!
Where Greatness is Learned and Couches are Burned!!!
by Bankaa and KT plus T-ROC March 02, 2005

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Summit...a dorm hall for the elite group of West Virginia University Students. When we say elite, we mean the most raging acholics and pot heads in morgantown. We even have groupies from other floors and dorms that could only wish they were lucky enough to live on the 8th or 6th floor. Classes never get in the way of our extracurricular activies AKA partyin. The 8th floor girls have formed their own sorority on campus called TTK (Tappa Tappa Kegga). We roll deep and take over Shooters everytime we go out. We know every bar owner, shot girl, bartenders and bouncer working in Morgantown. Everyother girl works at one of Motown's bars. Bedtime is when the sun comes up and waking up to the sunset is a normal day.

" I dont remember but i think we had fun!"

Bianca: KT if you are my best friend roll down the life science hill with me (as its raining and it all covered in mudddd!)
Katie: OOOKAY!

Mary: Katie do you remember last night?
Katie: No, but did it look like i was having fun?
Mary: YES

Cory: I'll Choke a BITCH

girls theme song: I am gonna hate myself in the morning but i am gonna love you tonight

Cory: (as a car runs in the back of his car in the Mickey Dee's drive thru and cory gets out...) ITS OOOOOOOOKAY i am way tooo drunk to be driving i will not call the cops! (hair flip)

Shannon: give me my gatorade or i will kill you (a daily bitch when waking up)
by Bankaa and KT plus T-ROC March 02, 2005

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