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A sexual-act made popular in underground fetish clubs in Europe. It involves a female getting menstruation blood onto an umbrella. The umbrella is then opened and twirled at a rapid rate; causing the menstrual blood to fly off. Some western versions of this act involve the umbrella being inserted inside the menstruating female but many of the rainmakers founders frown upon this addition.
The rainmaker is really really disgusting.
by Balrog 1 June 10, 2009
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A sexual act in which a male defecates into a females mouth and proceedes to face fuck the shit out of her. It is less commonly known as the Courtney.
Shut your mouth before I give you a sweet tooth.
by Balrog 1 June 10, 2009
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A Corinne is a sexual role-play act involving two female parties dressed as vampires. While there are multiple variations of the corinne the traditional one is the most popular:

One of the vampire women inserts a juice box (typically wild cherry) into their vaginal cavity and the other vampire woman drinks from it in a succulent fashion.

The red drink fulfills any vaginal vampire fetish.
The two Twilight audience members did the Corinne while their parents weren't looking.
by Balrog 1 March 22, 2009
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