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Scag- cigarette.

The word, "scag", was coined in Northwest Ohio in 2007. It has since spread to most major metropolitan areas and college towns in Ohio. Predominately, the word "scag" has taken off in Toledo, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Bowling Green, Ohio and Athens, Ohio have reported moderate usage. Cleveland has yet to catch on as of late 2010. It's simplicity and rough, rugged, lackadaisical sound has been key to it's success. The word has also been known to be instantly understood even if the recipient of the word in conversation did not previously know of the term. This can, in part, be due to it's phonetic relation to "cig", short for cigarette. Nonetheless, the word "scag" has proven to be very appealing and fitful. It personifies the gritty, dirty deed of smoking a cigarette with great effectiveness. Common variations include scug, scaggy, scud, scud missle, scaggy pie, or scrag. The "mix and match" vowel options are numerous and quite a treat. Early projections predict the word should start to spread through the Midwest by 2014. It is hopeful "scag" can make it to the Rockies by 2020.
Example 1:

Richard: You got a scag? I ran out this morning on the way to work.

George: (hands him a cigarette. audible response not necessary.)

Example 2:

Jeff: I must've smoked one scag for every beer I drank last night.

Greg: Sure.

Example 3:

Steve-O: There must be 200 frickin' scag butts in the front yard. Get those outta there. And stop smoking, J. Come on bud.

Jordan: Call the cops.
by Baldhead Slick December 18, 2010

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