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A lil guy is your best friend and bro. A lil guy by no means must be littler than you, or little at all. It is a term that if you call someone it means that you guys are best friends. Lil guys are the coolest people who are always there for you. When saying lil guy out loud you must prolong the term like this: liiiill guuuyy. When non-lil guys call people lil guys it sounds unnatural and they do it to try to be popular. Lil guys are kind and funny and it is a word that should only be reserved for the best of your friends. It can be used to congratulate someone, make someone feel better, or if someone did something wrong. A lil guy is someone who you care a lot about and is your best friend.
B: I got an A on my test!
J: Awww liill guyyy
N: My girlfriend dumped me
D: Aw lil guy!
A: Aw liill guysss
by BGWP55555 May 16, 2012
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