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A writer of plays. He basically wrote plays to entertain people. He did not do it to show off his Iambic Pentameter, or what ever it is called. He did not write them to show off his grammer, he did not write them to show off his use of adjectives, and he sure as heck did not write them to show off his, and point out his use of phrases.

He wrote them to entertain the masses. That is all. He wrote them like a artist makes a movie. When we see a movie, do most of us look at the plot or do we examine the use of words and scenary to find out why a part makes us feel "sad"?

Most of the information we learn from English class about the use of phrases and words is just the complicating a natural feeling. The raping and ripping appart of his writings is a reason many students do not grow a appreciation of him and his work. As a matter of fact, many students grow a deep disgust, and sometimes hatreof him and his work.

ps. His work does relate to modern times. ex. Revenge in some of his plays.
student: I HATE Shakespeare!!!!!!!

Parent: Relax, you only hate him because of how the school ruins his work......

(Forgive me of my spelling in this.)
by BEARMAN6435 April 24, 2011

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