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what the british, australians, new zealander, etc. call americans.

the yanks really are a diverse lot. some are smart, some are dumb. some are hot, some are fat (where i live, the fat ones are mostly mexican). they tend to be ridiculed by the world because of the poor excuse of a president they had to deal with from 2000-2008 and the fiasco of a war he started.
i moved to san diego from cairns 7 years ago, and i must say, the yanks aren't as bad as we all think and say. most of them are quite friendly, and intelligent, with a touch of "american pride" that i find quite comical. and believe it or not, they do use the metric system, and about 90% of them hate bush.
by AuSSiE BuGGaZZ January 12, 2010
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a tiny little fucker that packs a massive punch. jelly nets do nothing to stop them. box jellies are just as bad. often known as the asshole of the sea.
i got stung on the ass by an irukandji while surfing up in cairns, and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. i hope these fuckers go extinct.
by AuSSiE BuGGaZZ February 01, 2010
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